• Mai 6, 2013

Looking for a vehicle

Looking for a vehicle

Looking for a vehicle 1024 765 Vast Floating

The first idea was to build a boat close to our home base in Hamburg – but yards and builders in Germany and Holland turned out to be very expensive.

And the most important thing besides the price of course, was the request list for our future boat. So, we started to check other vendors in the market, such as Allures Yachting (http://www.allures.fr/) and http://www.alubat.com/.

But after all researchin‘, readin‘ and discussin‘ was done, we decided to make the next step and chose a small yard in Brittany, France to get in touch with one of the designs we preferred, to visit a boat that met our needs best – which we found at https://www.facebook.com/voiliers.boreal.

On our first visit of the shipyard „BORÉAL“ we met Jean-François Eeman, one of the yard owners, discussed boat types and configurations and had a close look at „NUVA“, a Boréal 47 owned by a swiss family.

For comparison we also examined the Boréal on the pic below, a Boréal 44 called „Manava 2“. She’s been to several boat shows around France already – although you’ll find Boréals only at in-water-boat shows. This kind of boat just makes most sense visiting when in the water.



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