• April 7, 2014

Trip to „VAST“

Trip to „VAST“

Trip to „VAST“ 1024 768 Vast Floating

„Progress“ – that was our hope when going on the trip to Tréguier again. In advance we had contact to the owners of sister ship „Smilla“, going through their learnings. Prepared with these points and our „wish“ list we checked in to Rennes. Rennes is a nice and beautiful city – but we have to check not to go on sundays next time – all restaurants closed.

In Tréguier we of course started with visiting Vast. Progress – yes. But Maren soon had the impression that they were not as far as they should be…

Have you ever built a house? Interior colors, wood, where to have plugs and which kind of upholstery. And all these electric toys to chose, plotters, radar, displays, antennas and radios, hifi and safety equipment… paradise. Kind of. We enjoyed it and, most of all, fell in love again with this beautiful „nearly a ship“, our Vast. And then had to learn, that she would take up to three month longer to be finished. Could happen, we knew that before.

But – launching in spring is not the worst idea.