33. Video Log // Atlantic Crossing

33. Video Log // Atlantic Crossing 1024 572 Vast Floating

Video: Atlantic Crossing

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tl;dr: Our first ocean crossing on board our VAST – 2 crew – Teneriffe to Martinique – 2894 nautical miles – 18 days, 8,5 hours – 141 engine hours – no fish – our Atlantic crossing from January 23rd to February 10th 2022!

Well we admit, our Atlantic crossing does feel like an achievement, it is more than a bunch of numbers.

It was more like a roller coaster, physically and emotionally. And it was kind of a culmination after years of preparations, ticking a box on our non-existent bucket list.

And it was a successful crossing and we would do it again! We felt well prepared and confident (most of the time) also because the good on-shore support for weather routing by WetterWelt GmbH in Kiel, Germany. VAST made a very good job sailing, just as if she was built for this (which she actually is). Just a few things broke, nothing major, most of it could be fixed under way. Engine hours were a bit high for our taste – some added up because the lack of wind, some due to lacking electrical power – we’ll work on the energy part. Provisioning was perfect, killing fish not necessary on this stretch – hunting was postponed to another day.
But enough words for now, here’s some on-board footage.

We hope you enjoy our video 🙂

It still feels like an achievement.