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Update from Tréguier


When things can’t go fast enough and you discuss patience vs progress, you could realise that  every step means getting a little further. Vast has a roof now, yes! But, when getting to that point, focus somehow changes to future steps: so, what about  portlights & hatches? A mast?    

ISAF Certificate


Learning never ends, this time: ISAF certificate at “Einsatzausbildungszentrum Schadensabwehr (EAZS) Marine”. Means: learning how to fight fire, plugg leaks, usage of lifejacket and liferaft. Actually things you never want to even think of. The group of 30+ of more or less water- and fire proof sailors had a lot of fun, and experienced why… Read more

Short waves


Communication on board is the most important feature. Different systems will bring Vast Floating online: some can simply be bought in a store and are ready to go: satellite phones, or WLAN systems for close-to-land operation for example. For the important ham radio (SSB) you need a license – in Germany it’s called “Amateurfunkzeugnis”. The learning… Read more

Action points


Well, there is a lot to do: The crew must be trained navigationally, medically and technically. Some training runs directly on the baltic sea: sailing miles and miles, at night an in bad weather conditions. Anchoring and obligatory repairs will be practiced, and so on. To chose the boats equipment, fairs have to be attended,… Read more