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Trip to “Vast”


“Progress” – that was our hope when going on the trip to Tréguier again. In advance we had contact to the owners of sister ship “Smilla”, going through their learnings. Prepared with these points and our “wish” list we checked in to Rennes. Rennes is a nice and beautiful city – but we have to check not… Read more

Building Boréal 47 “VAST”


Look at this beauty! First four pics show the first step of rough welding the hull. Three weeks later the hull welding is done, and it’s time to turn it – theres more to do on the other side. Quote from the yard: “… (we) hope it is the first and the last time she… Read more

ISAF Certificate


Learning never ends, this time: ISAF certificate at “Einsatzausbildungszentrum Schadensabwehr (EAZS) Marine”. Means: learning how to fight fire, plugg leaks, usage of lifejacket and liferaft. Actually things you never want to even think of. The group of 30+ of more or less water- and fire proof sailors had a lot of fun, and experienced why… Read more

Sailing, Baltics 2013


Der bislang längste und schönste Segelsommer mit der Black Molly. Wir hatten Besuch dieses Jahr und haben Black Molly zwischendurch jeweils für eine Woche im Rostocker Stadthafen und im schönen Kopenhagener Christianshavn liegen gelassen, um zum Arbeiten nach Hamburg zu fahren. Wir haben eine Art  Test aus diesen Wochen gemacht – wie fühlt sich das… Read more

Short waves


Communication on board is the most important feature. Different systems will bring Vast Floating online: some can simply be bought in a store and are ready to go: satellite phones, or WLAN systems for close-to-land operation for example. For the important ham radio (SSB) you need a license – in Germany it’s called “Amateurfunkzeugnis”. The learning… Read more

Looking for a vehicle


The first idea was to build a boat close to our home base in Hamburg – but yards and builders in Germany and Holland turned out to be very expensive. And the most important thing besides the price of course, was the request list for our future boat. So, we started to check other vendors in the market,… Read more

Action points


Well, there is a lot to do: The crew must be trained navigationally, medically and technically. Some training runs directly on the baltic sea: sailing miles and miles, at night an in bad weather conditions. Anchoring and obligatory repairs will be practiced, and so on. To chose the boats equipment, fairs have to be attended,… Read more

Getting startet


Vast Forward’s  Projekt Vast Floating, what’s that?   Vast Floating is a sailing project of Vast Forward, connecting Vast Forward to the world – by boat. Starting in spring 2015 Vast Floating means meeting new and known clients in Europe and, well, we’ll see. OF course the idea is to delivering efficient digital production for international… Read more